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Red Stiletto is dedicated to bringing real estate buying and selling to its highest potential.

Red Stiletto strives to be a beacon of light in our communities in both the real estate world and philanthropic efforts. We are passionate in empowering people to make their real estate goals come true. Our clients’ success is our success. It is our privilege to be in the world to help others.

Meet Nicole Daulton

Nicole has always been called a passionate visionary. With a background in design and over 15+ years of experience in the real estate industry, Nicole brings to the table knowledge, creativity, professionalism and fresh, new ideas. Nicole saw the need in the real estate sales industry for a more professional and enjoyable experience that also helps the surrounding community. She started out in development and design creating her own new construction properties and communities and her success blossomed.  Her unique designs mixed with her tenacious drive brought her to a point where she excelled beyond market standards in her real estate endeavors.

Nicole Daulton

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